What we do

Introduction of GPP

Global Peace Pioneers is a registered national non government organization which started working as volunteer group in 2005 and was formally registered in 2007. Currently GPP is working in two provinces namely Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa with its head office in Islamabad.

Global Peace Pioneers has a mission to create unity, solidarity and understanding among multi religious communities in Pakistan to build Pakistan prosperous, strengthened and free from all types of discriminations, inequalities and injustices.

GPP vision is pro-people and right based society where every individual irrespective of their caste, color, creed and religious affiliations has access to quality of live on equality and global human values. “Global Peace Pioneers” envisions a tolerant and peaceful society – a society striving for equality, justice, harmony, prosperity, uplift the oppressed and deprived by providing legal assistance and building their capacity.

Primary Objectives and Issues of Interest
Community Care and Development

  • Local Infrastructure Management and Development

            Poverty Alleviation
            Sustainable livelihood for marginalized women and youth
            Emergencies and Natural Disaster Management

  • Community Empowerment (Social and Economic)

           Peace building and conflict transformation through institutional capacity building
           Protection of basic human Rights
           Capacity building for socio-economic uplift


Work Areas
1.    Islamabad
2.    Punjab
3.    KPK

 Target Group
1.    Women
2.    Children
3.    Youth
4.    People in Need (Emergency situation)

GPP Partners (Current and Previous)

1 - School of Information Risk Management (supporting administrative and part of program cost)
2 – National Council for Social Welfare, Islamabad
3 – Hashoo foundation 
4 – British Council


6 - WFP (World Food Program)

7 - Stockwell Green Community Services, UK

8 - AAR Japan

9 - Cross Roads, Holland

10 - Muslim Chairty, Australia

11 - Govt of Punjab, Pakistan 

GPP Line of Action

1.    Peace Advocacy
   i.    Peace Education Program
     1.    Peace Youth Leadership Training Courses
   ii.    Global Oneness Program
     1.    Interfaith Cooperation
     2.    Interactive talks/dialogues
   iii.    National Consortium for Peace
     1.    Campus level Peace group formation (Universities/Schools)
     2.    Celebrating International Days
2.    Sustainable livelihood
   a)    Women self reliance program
   b)    Youth Apprenticeship Program
   c)    Microenterprise Development Program
   d)    Vocational Technical Training program for people with disabilities

3.    Child Focused Activities
   a.    School Partnership Program
   b.    Early Childhood Education Program
   c.    Child Rights Awareness Program & Civic Education
   d.    Teacher’s Training on Civic Education, child friendly learning environment

4.    Sustainable livelihood
   e)    Women self reliance program
   f)    Youth Apprenticeship Program
   g)    Microenterprise Development Program
   h)    Vocational Technical Training program for people with disabilities

5.    WASH activities
   i)    Water hand pumps installation
   j)    Advocacy campaign on Health Hygiene Sanitation Practices
   k)    Medical Camps – Ternol and Kachi abadis Islamabad

6.    Emergency Relief
   1.    GPP Response to Flood in Rajanpur 2008
   2.    GPP response to IDPs crises Swat and Buner 2009
   3.    GPP Response to IDPs from Kohat and Banu 2010

Resources / Expertise:
1.     GPP staff:                     14 well qualified and experienced staff
2.     Advisory Committee:      Pool of individuals specialized in Peacebuilding,                                                                   Gender Equality, Disaster Management
3.     Affiliations :                  Member of International Network of Peace                                                                            Museums, Global Peace Convention, LANGOS - Lah
4.    Internees :                    Youth from across Pakistan
5.     Volunteers:                  Over 200 volunteers
6.    Pool of Researchers:      25 member pool of researchers available for                                                                        research work across the country

GPP has a pool very seasoned staff, having wide range of nation wide experience in field of peacebuilding & conflict resolution, education, sustainable livelihood and emergency relief. Through its pool of researchers GPP conduct research activities (Youth apprenticeship, Emergency assessment in Swabi, Buner).