Global Peace Pioneers Water and Sanitation Program

Water and Sanitation
Pure drinkable water and proper sanitation and hygiene system are blessing. Water shortage and purification is a global issues and the world is facing lots of problems due to it. Sanitation and unhygienic problems make life more miserable. GPP most of the target families face various problems that causes them financial loss as well they face various diseases because of this. This department has a following Goal:
Safe drinking and proper sanitation system for all

  • Stipulation of harmless drinking water in the target communities through various ways
  • Sensitizing people as regards to the proper sanitation and hygiene through encouragement and lobbying


GPP has good experience in installing hand pumps, sewerage lines, water filters and awareness rising regarding safe water and sanitation system. GPP strongly believe the maximum participation of local people and involve them in the process of implementation of the project. Watsan committees are the main components during these projects and every time gender balance committees are formed to get proper results of the projects.