Schools for Peace in Collaboration with DAI - AAWAZ

PROJECT TITLE: Cohesion among schools and communities to prevent / mediate conflicts and disputes peacefully through Schools for Peace Program in Selected Districts of KPK and Punjab 





Implemented with financial support from DAI -AAWAZ , the School for Peace Program is first innovative concept of its kind for the Communities to better able to prevent conflicts and disputes peacefully in their respective areas. The programs created through this initiative will encourage youth to respect diversity, think globally, value human rights, recognize injustice and respond to conflict with methods other than violence. Proposed program will assist teachers, parents and community to educate peace for change. This is the need of the hour to build. 


Purpose of Program:

Aligned with the priorities of AAWAZ, the initiative of Global Peace Pioneers (GPP) of school for peace is a small step to build such a community, where we are trying to educate young minds about peace, its importance, conflict resolutions, and ways to avoid violence and to gain our goal of a peaceful world.


Objective of the Program:

To establish an integrated institutional and sustainable frame work through peace education program to 40 teachers, schools administration on “Peace plus Concept” in selected 10 high schools (Private & Public) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab province within 06 months’ time.


To build the capacity of teachers by providing them trainings to better utilize their skills to use literature by broadening 1000 students role through peace plus association for promoting mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence at selected schools throughout project cycle.


To enable selected teachers and students by initiating innovative Peace-building and Conflict Resolution initiatives for social integration within their respective schools.


End Result:

By the end of this training we hope to see groups of people with peaceful mind-set, and are tolerant enough to accept other communities, either religious or ethnicities. They will also play their part in adding more people to peace loving circle. After this training we want to see young, optimistic minds playing their role together besides their differences for the betterment of the society and the world at large.



As peace education is not included in student’s curriculum the way it should be, GPP in close consultation with DAI-AAWAZ has developed a tailor-made curriculum on peace education which comprises of 12 lessons. Keeping in mind the already heavy curriculum, GPP has designed the peace education module in a way that it is not merely a reading book; instead all chapters include role plays, group activities and other fun exercises so as to keep the students engaged. These lessons are being undertaken by the teachers from their own schools who have undergone extensive training on all lessons including but not limited to peace education, conflict management/resolution, mediation and reconciliation process.



The direct beneficiaries of DAI-AAWAZ and GPP initiative, are the school administration, teachers, students of the selected schools in targeted districts and indirectly this program will help communities and parents as well. GPP plans to train at least 40 teachers and 1000 students of 10 schools in two districts, district Chakwal from Punjab and district Swabi from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (05 schools from each district).