Message from President




It’s an immense pleasure and feeling of great pride to write here as a peace activist and chairman of Global Peace Pioneers. GPP an organisation is a platform of religious harmony, Peacebuilding and uplifting the communities for sustainable development. Looking at the current situation I believe, it is time to use our energy not to destroy, but to create a world that is safe and secure for our children to grow and prosper in. It is time to look at each other with the eyes that only see a brother or sister and become blind to the religious, cultural and racial differences that have kept us apart. We must understand the current global situation of unrest and terror to bring positive and progressive change for the development. We must launch and implement our projects at the grass root level to diminish the level of aggression, depression and injustice which are created in the name of caste, colour and creed. We must ensure safety, religious tolerance and interfaith harmony to our young generation and socialize them irrespective of social stigmas and stereotypical discourse related to faith.

Countries spend an enormous amount of annual budget on defence but yet a common citizen feels insecure in the country. Advancements in mass destruction equipment can only be brought war and unrest in any society but not Peace. Efforts on making destructive material and equipment would result in only mass destruction whereas Peace efforts would bring Peace and harmony in the society

Using GPP platform, I will urge that we should set aside all our differences and learn to accept one another. As long as we don’t accept others no one will accept us. We have to commit ourselves to change the stigmas and stereotypes to reversal these concepts and develop a peaceful Nation free of discrimination and injustices and where people may feel interfaith harmony and respect. Only the peaceful society can progress and develop very well.

I must thank all my team members whose day and night efforts make GPP as an organization with different vision and different approach to work for peace in peace out. Besides this, I appreciate the partner’s continuous support for this noble cause and their guidance and support has always been a source of encouragement to better implement the projects. Communities are the prime beneficiaries and I also thank them for their input and cooperation on the issues of interfaith harmony and peace.

May peace be with you! 


Junaid Elahi

President – GPP