Interfaith Corner



Interfaith World
GPP interfaith world provides a podium for the people of various faiths to come together and share their views and practices. This develops a sense of acceptance and tolerance among the people of different faiths. GPP Interfaith World performs the following activities for the promotion of peace and tolerance among the religion.


1. Interfaith Youth hub/Core
GPP youth hub work together to create a movement of young people who bridge their religious differences with relationships of mutual respect and common action. The youth hub is a group of youth belonging from different religions and also from different disciplines from campuses and rural communities of Pakistan. GPP educated the youth hub by providing them an opportunity for the interfaith counseling sessions, conducts interfaith dialogues and workshops for their education and awareness.


2. Interfaith informative Sessions
GPP has the privilege of organizing 50 informative sessions involving 1200 youth from campuses and community. These sessions aims to transform the youth and enable them to accept the religious commonalities and also this will enable them to be tolerant and will also help them to initiate their noble cause.


Interfaith Dialogues
GPP provides a platform for the religious groups to participate equally and to share their views. Five appointed persons from each faith community participate in the dialogue, which rotates between Muslims, Christians, Hindu, Sikhs, Bahai and Buddhist and the chairing of the meetings is also rotated. The Dialogue meetings have shared and discussed issues such as the meaning of peace, festivals and prayer.

The dialogue is also connected with the faith Journey of Promise initiative in which young people of each faith share in experiencing each other's religion and growing in their understanding.

GPP so far has conducted 10 inter religious dialogues among the various faiths,


Interfaith Workshops
GPP has conducted 20 workshops with the different religions and faiths. These workshops aim to equip youth of different religions to stand united in time of interreligious crisis and help them to communicate with each other in time of crisis to solve the problems peacefully.


3. Interfaith Creative Art
Interfaith creative art is also a focus of GPP in educating and training the children and youth about the harmony and peace. GPP aim is to deliver the knowledge not by words but also in visual art forms which are the best source of learning and gaining information.

GPP has conducted interfaith art workshops to train and bring out the hidden talents of participants and have also conducted successful interfaith exhibition for the encouragement of the participants.


4. Interfaith Exposure Visit
GPP believes mutual cooperation’s among different faiths and for this reason GPP has conducted 30 exposure visits of community and school children and youth to the religious places of Bahai Center, Hindu Temple in Said Pur, Churches in G7, Faisal Mosque etc. The purpose of these exposure visit is to aware the youth and young minds about the customs of all the religions so they can work peacefully with each other. It encourages the study of religions and practical grass root involvement with the objective of transforming conflicts and building peace to improve relationships between divided communities and groups.


5. Interfaith Network
GPP has formed interfaith committees with Bahai community, Hindu community, Katchi Abadi and with Muslim community. These committees are inter linked with each other in such a way that GPP has formed inter religious committees. The committees include the youth of urban and rural areas. The committee regular meetings are held on monthly basis to measure the performance and to resolve any possible issues between them. GPP is also operating the interfaith club consisting religious groups from all over Pakistan. There are 500 members in GPP Interfaith Club. GPP conducts sessions, multi faith gathering, group discussions and activities to engage the club members to disseminate their message of harmony all over Pakistan.GPP tries to identify commonalities rather than pointing out the differences between two different religions. GPP truly hope that by doing so, the activities would contribute to the world peace, tolerance, and understanding.


6. International Interfaith Day
GPP aims is to develop a culture of equality, humanity, harmony, and tolerance to equal opportunities of growth for all people of the society. GPP has organized a creative art competition with multi faith children on 22nd Jun, 2010.