About Global Peace Pioneers

Global Peace Pioneers is a registered NGO bearing registration # VSWA/ICT/530 under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies in Islamabad.


At this point of history, when divisions and despairs, intolerance and hatred, greed and consumerism, abject poverty and accumulation of power and wealth are so dominant, the search for an alternative paradigm for peace that is rooted in the diverse religions and cultures of human societies is of the utmost importance. Non-violence, simple life style, unity in diversity, mutual respect and sharing of resources and just governance ought to be released from scriptures and constitutions and be practiced in day to day life as there is need for sustained and systematic efforts for peace.

Global Peace Pioneers is striving hard to put all energies to contribute for Peace, Interfaith Harmony and sustainable development.

Global Peace Pioneers is registered as limited by guarantee (nongovernmental and non profitable organization) and working on the following projects:

  • Global Oneness Program (Peace for all, Peace education, Interfaith world)
  • Livelihood Program
  • Gender and Development
  • Women Empowerment
  • Child Adoption
  • Orphanage
  • Medicine
  • Water facility